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Making the first step towards change is often the hardest thing to do.

This page is dedicated to providing clients with the right tools and knowledge to step into this change.

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Answering the Call

Not just any phone call...

The Call, the deeper calling.

The Call Within.

Some call it the Hero's Journey. Some "The Spiritual Path".

Beyond the terminology lies an invisible path that some choose to navigate and is wholly unique to our experiences and place in the world.

It is for us alone to walk and share with others along the way.

It can come at a time when we are met by an unhappy and unsatisfied feeling that gnaws at us internally, and we can often push it away. (...and of course we do, because it's uncomfortable!).

We can have a solid career or business and a family, yet something unsettling within pulls at us. Unsatisfied. Unsettled. Unknown.

It's uncomfortable to have, yet uncomfortable to push away.

Sometimes this call happens when we have a severe loss, a major disruption, a significant injury.

This is the call for a greater future, the call that pulls us inward and forward.

One that, when we allow it to, can break us open, allow us to fulfill a deeper purpose, and impact a wider group of people.

This paradoxical tragedy of loss and potential, needs to be daylighted, felt, experienced, and brought out of us and into our everyday lives.

It is to be held with respect and admiration.

It is also to be supported in a special way and tended to in a precise way.

Choosing to follow this path requires dedication, consistency, support, resiliency.

When you notice the call, you can answer it by the following question:

"Am I willing to do what it takes?"

To wait until you're ready is not answering the call.

To wait until the right moment to start is not answering the call.

To push it off is to not answer the call.

To think about it or over analyze or ruminate is to not answer the call.

Again, to answer the call is to ask yourself "Am I willing to do what it takes?"

So if and when you hear your own Call, please answer if "Am I willing to do what it takes?"

The door will only open when you are a Yes. Doesn't need to be any manufactured feeling or tone or loud expression, just three letters in succession Y-E-S.

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