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When You Get This Book...

Here are just some of the things you'll discover:

  • View your mornings as an opportunity to boost your health and mindset,

  • Learn self-care practices that begin in the morning and continue throughout the day,

  • Learn why these practices together produce powerful results,

  • Have clear and direct frameworks to establish a morning routine,

  • Receive guidance on practices that are catered specifically to boosting your health and performance

A Sneak Peak into the Content...

  • Chapter 1: Morning: An Auspicious Time

  • Chapter 2: Pay Yourself First

  • Chapter 3: Morning Modules: Hydrate, Meditate, Move

  • Chapter 4: Why Practice?

  • Chapter 5: My Story

  • Chapter 6: MODULE 1: Hydrate - Foundation for Success

  • Chapter 7: MODULE 2: Meditate - Detoxify Your Mind and Body

  • Chapter 8: MODULE 3: Move - Health in Motion

  • Chapter 9: Resources

Dawid Zawila

The Simplest Morning Routine to Own Your

Health and Well-Being

Golden Hour Book cover

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Included in the Book...


Roadmaps to Success

for establishing daily hydration levels, meditation practice and simple morning movements. ​


30-Day Challenge worksheets to promote each step of the routine


Frameworks to establish a morning routine that works with your schedule. 

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


Self Image

Hi, I am Brian Spear, Transformative Coach and Wilderness Guide.

I assist clients in establishing morning routines that nourish their whole being and work individually to find clarity and accountability on their soul-driven journey.

My Badass Clients are Parents, Business Owners, Leadership Professionals, and/or returning from an Injury. During our work together, clients find clarity on expanding their meaning of WHY they are here and live more deeply a sense of purpose and belonging, and thus, living out a more sustainable and value-driven life.

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