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Nature Tokens



"Nature Sessions with Brian allowed me to step over the threshold of my fears into a more expansive and mindful way of being. It invited a new beginning to a more rich life and an end to what my deepest intuition knew was no longer needed.”

Ioan G.

"Brian's unique ability to build and maintain a warm container and his loving attention as a professional were what I needed to feel safe. I could then unfold and heal some of my deepest wounds. I find that Brian has a unique talent to combine deep sensitivity and strong, grounded, masculine presence to help foster some beautiful transformative work."

Cedric G. / Yoga Teacher and Coach at Heart Wise Yoga

Brandon Portrait

"During our 1-on-1 Nature Session, Brian lead me on walks in Santa Cruz that were based in Mindfulness. Brian took very good care to construct experiences that encouraged my inner child to come out and play. I felt like I was building a necessary skill - to draw inspiration and use instinctual knowledge that comes alive in natural settings. I felt closer to my authentic self as a result of being in nature! I would recommend Brian wholeheartedly!"

Brandon, Founder and Fitness Advocate at The Art of Self Alignment

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