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Making the first step towards change is often the hardest thing to do.

This page is dedicated to providing clients with the right tools and knowledge to step into this change.

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Do you Aspire for Change or are you Desperate for it?

I was on a recent river expedition and had a great riverside conversation with a new friend, whom I found out had retired from a career as an organizational consultant in the tech industry. He had a successful career as a consultant and helped a lot of businesses and executive leaders succeed in their work. He also left me with 1 main piece of advice, which I'll share with you here.

Something he mentioned that stood out to me was that over his career, he worked with a diverse range of clients from a range of backgrounds, some having successful consultation while others did not. What it boiled down to was that client success from receiving coaching or consulting hinged upon to 2 motivational factors: they were being driven by either aspiration or desperation.

client success from receiving coaching or consulting hinged upon to 2 motivational factors: they were being driven by either aspiration or desperation.

In the former, client success was driven by a strong inner motivation to achieve something and were willing to seek out change in order to aspire those goals. This aspiration cannot be forced or taught, it is something that comes from within. Something that natural leaders have and aspire to reach higher and higher goals. Something innate that drives us to succeed.

For the latter, client success was driven by a strong need to change in order to meet their current circumstances. For example, the company at risk to being out-competed in their market. To them, it's either sink or swim when it comes to building and maintaining a thriving business.

As I reflect on this, I've found that it applies directly to my coaching practice. Not only are the clients that I work with willing to be with change, they are also motivated in these similar ways. Some clients I work are thrown into a challenging position in their life and are motivated by a sense of desperation to meet these challenges. Some of these themes would be centered divorce or being laid off. Another kind of client I work with are aspiring to make and meet goals. They are in a stable position and want to make the next step to continue to aspire. They have a secure base and growing out on their margins, entering new territory as they reach for their goals and stretch themselves.

What I've found in my practice is that clients can start out in a desperate place and overtime move more into an aspirational place. Meaning someone I work with can be going through divorce and trying to make ends meet, then cultivate stability to move towards more aspirational goals. To grow out of their challenging situation, to become more fully human and meeting life's challenges and demands. These are the really inspiring clients, the ones who can move from midlife crises and instability towards leadership and meeting aspirational goals.

So, when you think about seeking out a coach to help you make change, are you feeling desperate for change or are you feeling aspirational for change?

Either way, I've got you covered and look forward to working with you.

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