The key to building resilience resides in your capacity to rest,


and reflect.

"How to Start a Morning Routine"



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Morning Routine E-Book
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1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

I believe that working hard doesn't have to leave you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and burntout, disconnected from the people and experiences you enjoy most.  That's why I've created mindful and transformational programs specifically for transforming work related burnout by building your capacity to rest, reset and reflect. 

I teach this through a simple morning routine called The Golden Hour that nourishes your basic needs to boost your health and unlock your energy throughout the day.


I host group programs, where people can openly share their story and struggles with others who are on a similar path.


I also have individual packages, where clients can get accelerated and individualized attention.


All of these programs are intended to be simple to use, accessible, and easy to follow frameworks that can be implemented TODAY to build resilience and capacity to meet your life's ever evolving and increasing responsibilities.


For those wanted less digital time, I also lead coaching sessions in an 'unplugged' format. 


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Hi, I am Brian Spear, Transformative Coach and Wilderness Guide.

I wholeheartedly believe in transformation and that we have an innate ability to grow the way we see OURSELVES in relation to how we see the WORLD. This is best done using somatic and emotional mindfulness, cultivated through daily practice and self-discipline.


I assist clients in establishing morning routines that nourish their whole being and work with them individually to find clarity and build accountability on their soul-driven journey.


My Badass Clients are Parents, Business Owners, Leadership Professionals, Entrepreneurs, and returning from an Injury or Major Life Transition. During our work together, clients find clarity on expanding their meaning of WHY they are here and live more deeply a sense of purpose and belonging, and thus, living out a more sustainable and value-driven life.


My own Rites of Passage began to unfold in Winter 2014 when, following the birth of my son, I experienced a series of painful events in about 6 months time: I fractured my femur, got layed-off upon my return to work, started a long divorce process, got a 60-day notice at my home. This process tested me to deeply question and simplify what I lived for, which supported me to be completely real with myself and to face life with unwaivering presence, compassion, and authenticity. This was the story of a man who stepped into the wild to discover who he was and what he lived for, in essence: WHY he was here.


During this process, I was able to find perspective and support as a volunteer guide and facilitator for Project Great Outdoors taking at-risk youth on white water rafting adventures on the South Fork American River. In 2014, I was trained in a Somatic Ecotherapy and Wilderness Quest apprenticeship program at Wilderness Reflections. I completed a 2 year long comprehensive training in the Hakomi Method, a mindful and experiential psychotherapy, to deepen this skillset in mind-body connection and to bring it all together. It is this unique blend and understanding of the greater Earth-system as well as then inner somatic experiential process that brings these programs and services so alive.


B.S. Earth Sciences, U.C. Santa Cruz, 2005

M.S. Watershed Science and Policy, CSU Monterey Bay, 2009

MBSR Certification (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, online), 2013

Head Facilitator Training; Project Great Outdoors 2013

Somatic Ecopsychology & Wilderness Guide Apprenticeship Program; Wilderness Reflections 2014

Hakomi Method Comprehensive Training; Hakomi Institute of California 2015-2017