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Unleash Your Full Potential

Comprehensive Online Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching

It is my  mission  to

provide the highest standards in competence and service to my personal training and fitness coaching clients, both in person and online.

I believe in pushing the limits of physical, mental, and emotional endurance to develop the strength to turn obstacles into opportunities. This can be done with incorporating daily routines that align us towards our bigger goals and objectives.

This website serves as a platform for transformational fitness programs that support your physical, mental and emotional growth, by developing resilience and increasing capacity for testing your own limits in a healthy way.


Unleash your full potential with a comprehensive blend of personalized nutrition and fitness coaching. This package is designed to elevate everyday athletes, incorporating tailored minimal gear and HIIT programs to enhance endurance. Experience the synergy of a holistic approach to health and fitness.

About Me
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Hi, I am Brian Spear, Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach.

I believe that we can all live each day better than the last by incorporating daily habits that build up our physical, mental, and emotional fitness. Aristotle once said: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” So with that, how can I help you structure your day so that you repeatedly build success on many levels of human experience.


I offer functional fitness programs with minimal gear for easy access at home or traveling and offer sports conditioning coaching to set my clients up for going beyond their own limitations in a healthy way. I work with a wide range of teens and adults, ranging from busy parents on the move, trying to find the time for exercise to endurance athletes putting in the time to train for their next race or adventure.

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