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Transformative Health Coaching
Individualized Nutrition and Fitness Strategies for Deep Health

It is my  mission  to

provide coaching, mentoring and accountability for adults who want to improve their health, upgrade their performance and unlock their limitless potential, in all you do, both personally and professionally.

I believe we can only reach our full potential (and maintain it) when we build

inner fitness and outer fitness.

This website serves as a platform for transformational programs that support your personal and professional growth, by developing resilience and capacity for inner growth.

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About Me
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Hi, I am Brian Spear, Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach.

I believe the best path forward resides in your ability to lead your life from the inside-out. This can be done by establishing a dedicated morning practice that provides the time to tend to your inner livelihood and build resiliency, which I call inner fitness. When this is combined in a coaching program, you are able to translate your inner world into goals and create a pathway forward.


I assist busy adults to establish an integrated morning routine that sets them up, time and time again, for profound success. I also provide nutrition coaching and fitness programs ranging from a Foundations Course to Elite Level Athletes.

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